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Welcome to new member Kite Union

Does your business have its own app? Does it need one? We now have an app developer in our member base: Alexey Prokopenko of Kite Union, who can tailor an app for your needs.

“Our dream is to help and inspire every individual, business owner or company who wishes to move forward with technology but doesn’t know what is the next step,” Alexey told us.

“Kite Union provides unique and professional Information Technology services for small to large businesses. We not only develop software and mobile applications, we also concentrate on high quality design and marketing at the same time as delivering a comprehensive and creative approach to IT solutions.

“At Kite Union we have a customer-centric approach which means that we have a personalised approach to every customer and create tailored projects according to customer specific needs. We offer a strong team of IT developers, designers and marketing specialists from Australia and Europe which allows customers to receive up-to-date and multifaceted services,” he said.

Find out more at or contact Alexey on 0432 833 024


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