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Welcome to new member Active Property Investing

“We are a boutique property service that helps busy people take control of their financial future by applying a simple and pragmatic approach to property investing,” says Emma Allen, Director of Active Property Investing.

“Our philosophy is to empower and inspire every day Australians by giving them a platform to plan, select, then purchase an investment based on their financial capacity to invest and their current priorities in life.

“We collaborate with like-minded professionals to build a vast network of ethical experts that make the purchase process manageable and less stressful. Within the current investing environment surrounding yourself with an experienced team of professionals is even more vital to success,” Emma told us.

Services include: Property Consultations – face to face and webcast platform for remote clients; Access to independently researched and selected properties across Australia, often prior to public release; Acquisition support service; Property Professionals Network; Property Education. Find out more at the website and phone the team on 1300 449 974.

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