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Tips to seal the deal

This month’s e-news blog from Soraya Raju of Migrate Success.

Attending an all-important meeting to clinch a contract is nerve-wracking. We have all been through it. But what can we do to help us prepare for the meeting?

First of all, find out who the key decision-maker/s are, and if they will be present at the meeting. If they are not going to be there, you may need to set up a second meeting to seal the deal.

Secondly, have a positive attitude. I always visualise a successful meeting where I walk away with mutual outcomes achieved for both parties.

Thirdly, think about your body language and what it says about you. Consider the way you will look, act and behave during the meeting.

Here are some tips to help you:
Breathing technique: Before making an important presentation, take a deep breath and exhale through your mouth. This helps you to relax your body, feel confident and sit taller.
Handshake: Make sure you use a strong handshake with each of the attendees and look into their eyes. A smile goes a long way but don’t overdo it as you can appear cocky or over-confident.
The art of the pause: Speak slowly, especially if you have an accent. Pause when you have made an important point to allow the attendees to absorb what you have said. Then make eye contact with everyone in the room to check they have understood.
Hand gestures: Use your hands effectively. Keep them on the table in clear view. Open palms down indicate you are willing and open to negotiate a point.
Ask attendees if they have any questions. This is the opportunity to address any negative concerns. Use questions, such as ‘How does that sound to you?’ or ‘Do you have questions?’ or ‘Would you like any more information?’
Recap any decisions/outcomes: At the end of the meeting, go over the key points discussed and note down any action points. You can use these points in your follow-up meeting or email to ensure that all parties are on the right track.

In the next newsletter, we will explore tips on how to read the body language of other people at meetings. If you would like more information, please email me at

Soraya Raju is the CEO and founder of Migrate Success. She is a cultural integration expert and has developed the LAB program© – LOOK, ACT, BELONG – which covers workplace etiquette, language and cultural integration for professionals and skilled migrants –

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