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The Epping Club’s Max Potential is looking for sponsors for its 2018 program

Introducing The Epping Club’s Max Potential Program 2018 – An Opportunity to Sponsor and Develop Local Young People

What is The Epping Club’s Max Potential Program?

Max Potential empowers young people (aged 16-22) to lead self, lead others and leave a legacy in their community.

We connect local youth – particularly those who are often overlooked – with local community leaders as their personal coaches.

Essentially, it is an opportunity for organisations in the Epping-Ryde area to invest in their local young people while building their own business skills in coaching.

See the brochure on Max Potential here: Max Potential Brochure 2018

How it Works:

The program starts in March and runs till September – with a focus on individual personal leadership development as they move towards personal goals, including:

  • Coach Training
  • One-to-one coaching sessions between young adult and their coach
  • Group Workshops
  • Community Service Initiatives developed by each young adult

See the flowchart here: MP Epping Flowchart 2018

Since 2006, Max Potential has transformed 2,100 young people and 1,900 community coaches through 65+ Clubs in NSW. Max Potential has developed an enviable reputation as a world-class coaching program with significant support from the Club industry, business, media and government – including speeches of support in Parliament.

The Epping Club is the primary sponsor with a passion for investing in youths and the local community and their staff.

In the last two years, 26 students from six local high schools graduated from the program along with 22 community coaches. An incredible 98% of these students said the coaching experience was excellent/worthwhile and met their personal learning needs!

Invitation to Transform Lives through Sponsoring [$2,195 +GST funds a student & coach]

The Epping Club is seeking support from the Epping-Ryde business community to run Max Potential in 2018.

The program will start in March and sponsorship commitments are required by 17 February 2018. We look forward to any questions you may have about the Max Potential program at The Epping Club for 2018. Please contact Cynthia Painter directly if you would like to get involved, need more information yourself, or to pass on to your own contacts who you think could benefit from their involvement.

Phone: 0417 576 379
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