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The Australian Government’s PaTH program – get paid for hosting an intern

The Australian Government has recently launched Youth Jobs PaTH – Prepare, Trial, Hire. You can get paid $1,000 for hosting an intern for 4-12 weeks and up to $10,000 if you offer that person a job at the end of the internship.  See the flyer here EM17-0068 Youth Jobs PaTH DL Flyer_04, and the Wages Fact Sheet here Wage subsidies factsheet – employers.

Youth jobs PaTH flyer

Essentially it is a trial program for young unemployed people between 17-24 who need work experience and hands on understanding of different jobs.

Internships are advertised and brokered through the JobActive Network and they interview and select people who match employers’ needs and send them to you for interview. The JobActive Provider does a workplace risk assessment and then the jobseeker and employer sign an Internship Contract.

It’s voluntary for the jobseeker to do an internship and at no cost to the employer. The employer gets $1000 for placing an intern to offset cost such as supervision. However there needs to be a reasonable expectation of a job if both jobseeker and employer are satisfied with the placement.

Some firms are utilising the PaTH Internships as trials for jobseekers wanting an apprenticeship or traineeship. It is good for both employer and jobseeker to try out a trade for 4 weeks or so and it means there is less drop out later on for the employer. The internship can run for 4-12 weeks no more than 50 hours per fortnight and not public holidays.

The jobseeker must be 6 months’ unemployed and registered with a JobActive Provider but they continue to get their Youth Allowance during the Internship, plus an additional unindexed amount of $200 per fortnight on top to help them with travel or clothes etc. They are also entitled to assistance from the Provider from a special fund that gives them work boots and protective clothing and the like so not having the right gear for a job doesn’t prevent them starting work as an intern.

If any of our members are interested in getting more information please contact:

Dr Katherine Hamilton

Employer Mobilisation

Australian Government Department of Jobs and Small Business

Phone (02) 9246 0463 | Mobile: 0434 653 957


Anthony Willoughby on 9297 9439 or 0435 690 524

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