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Riverside Games for Corporates raising money for Rotary this April

With the Commonwealth Games capturing attention across the country, Andrew Hill, Vice President of Riverside Business Chamber, will be running the Riverside Games for Corporates as part of a ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ community program.

Play individually or enter a corporate team into Tennis, Table Tennis and Mod Sports. The Games will be held at STARS Marsfield before work and lunchtimes.

“Let’s get local businesses active,” Andrew said. “As little as 20 minutes exercise a day can have a positive impact on your mind – and your waistline.”

The events will start Tuesday 3rd till Friday 13th April and cost $10 per player per event.

“All money raised goes to Australian Rotary Health, one of the largest independent funders of mental health research,” Andrew said, “So you can get fit and help Rotary help others at the same time.”

For more information contact Andrew Hill 044-7827788 or

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