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Our first Business After Hours for 2018 (review)

Our first Business After Hours for 2018 was hosted by Laboratories Credit Union and Bridges Financial Services, in The Village on Julius Avenue, North Ryde.

Huge thanks to our Vice President Andrew Hill, who filled in for President Tony on the night, and who brought with him a baton from the 2006 Commonwealth Games. With this year’s Commonwealth Games not far away, and the Queen’s Baton Relay passing through Sydney last weekend, it was time for some Games excitement. Members and guests had the opportunity to hold the baton and pose for a photo, with Andrew hash tagging their businesses on social media. See photos here on our Facebook page or at Andrew Hill’s page.

business after hours february 2018

Speakers on the night included:

  • Our host Leanne Harris of Laboratories Credit Union, who explained how Credit Unions came into being and how they differ from banks. LCU can help with all your banking needs, whether you’re an individual or small business owner, whether you need a car loan or home loan, or whether you want a good interest rate on your savings with an organisation that’s owned by its members – not one of the big banks.
  • Our host John Addario of Bridges Financial Services. John has a good relationship with LCU and is their preferred financial planner, helping people grow their wealth and minimise their debt.
  • Hugh Lee of Ryde’s Lunar New Year festival. The festival is celebrating ten years this year and under Hugh’s guidance has grown to be one of Sydney’s biggest Lunar New Year festivals. This will be Hugh’s last year with the festival, as he has decided to retire. We wish him a fantastic festival and a very happy retirement. Hugh spoke about the very popular cooking competition on Saturday the 17th of February, as well as major events such as the Grand Celebration Day in Eastwood on Saturday the 3rd of March.
  • Supt John Duncan of Gladesville/Ryde Police. There are all manner of fraudsters to watch out for right now. Elderly people are being targetted by phone scammers pretending to be from the ATO, who tell their victims they owe money to the tax office and to pay with iTunes cards or go to gaol. Businesses are being targeted by hoax bomb threats, which disrupts business – please ensure you and your staff know how to respond – see more at And there has been an increase in theft from cars; please remember to lock your car or risk losing possessions.
  • Stephen Lowndes of level 1 member Royal Rehab. Stephen thanked The Fusion Foundation and members who attended the Fusion Foundation Ball last year for raising money for Royal Rehab and other chosen charities
  • We welcomed new member Wayne Wanders of The Wealth Navigator. Wayne’s aim is to help you get off the work treadmill so you can plan for a happy and secure retirement – not work till you drop.

Lucky draw winners were Jim Towers of Ryde Sports Foundation and Lara Van Der Wall of Studio Nero/FLEX.

Our Business of the Month for February is Royal Rehab, a level 1 member which needs no introduction.


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