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How to make that vital good first impression

By guest blogger RBC member Soraya Raju from Migrate Success:

Research shows that it takes 3 seconds to make a first impression – 55% is visual, 45% is behaviour. People make up their mind whether they like us or not and being business owners, we need all the tools to create that important first impression.

Here are some tips for both men and women:

  • Cleanliness  – personal hygiene is always important to show respect to others, especially if you are in close proximity in a meeting.
  • Clean breath/ no body odour – a necessity, especially in hot weather, things like cleaning teeth, always use a personal deodorant.
  • Strong perfume – avoid strong perfume in a meeting environment – some people may experience allergy
  • Facial hair – trimmed & neat, unless it is for religious or cultural reasons
  • Wallets – make sure it’s not frayed or falling apart – people do notice
  • Stockings (ladies) – keep a spare with you always, a sheer shade to suit your skin colour

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Soraya Raju is the CEO and founder of Migrate Success. She is a cultural integration expert and has developed the LAB program© – LOOK, ACT, BELONG which covers workplace etiquette, language and cultural integration for professional/skilled migrants.

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