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Chill IT is now a Microsoft Qualified Multitenant Hoster

What does this mean?

Chill IT can now use your Office 365 (E3 or E5) licences to run on the Chill IT private cloud.

Why is this special?

Previously you would need to have one Microsoft Office Licence to run on your desktop as well as one for the cloud. Now, you only need one!

Why are so few companies authorised?

Microsoft has a very high standard that service providers must meet in order to be authorised, only the top providers are chosen.

What does it mean for me?

If you upgrade your Office 365 licence to E3, you don’t need to pay for the server licence.

Can I use Business Premium?

No. You must use E3 or E5, which is great as it gives you extra features and basically you are getting to use it twice.

How do I get started?

Give Chill IT a call on 1300 796 246 or send an email to

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