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Business of the Month March 2018 – The Wealth Navigator

Wayne Wanders, The Wealth Navigator – Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Do you need someone to help you forecast and manage your business finances, especially your cashflow?

But you can’t afford to pay for such a person on a full time basis?

Well, you are not alone.  Time and time again, Wayne sees book-keepers and accountants just keeping score.  Just counting the beans and not helping the business grow.

And that’s where Wayne can help.

For a fraction of the cost of a full time employee, as your Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Wayne can help you:

  • Better forecast and manage your cashflow and business finances.
  • Clearly understand the numbers.
  • Have more beans to count.
  • Grow your business profitably.

Why not join the other businesses Wayne has helped as a Virtual CFO over the last 15+ years have more beans to count. This ranges from start-up business to companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange across numerous industries.

And who knows maybe Wayne can get the government to pay for Wayne’s services under one of their innovation grants.

Simply email Wayne at or call Wayne on 0412 227 052 for a free discovery session and let Wayne help you profitably grow your business.

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