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Another perspective on the season of goodwill

by Helen Crouch, RBC Committee Member and Executive Officer of North Ryde Community Aid

There so many people in our district who are on Santa’s nice list, because of their thoughtfulness, caring and repeated generosity especially at Christmas time.

Yet what would Santa suggest on how such generous people could help him help others this December …

Gifts under Wishing Trees, eg Rotary Trees of Joy

  • Firstly, the Elves are so happy that their work is supplemented by us! Yet the Elves still have to check each and every gift … so donors should not feel they have to wrap the gifts. If they want to help, maybe put the correct size length of paper and ribbon for the present in a disposable bag along with the gift. The Elves promise to wrap your gifts very carefully, artistically and imbued with the spirit of the giver.
  • As much as pre-loved gifts are passed on with love, the Elves cannot accept them for Christmas gifts from wishing trees. The Salvos and Vinnies stores can, so please consider visiting them with your pre-loved, not new gift donations.
  • The Elves’ work schedule in December is so hectic, the later we put our gift donations under the wishing trees, the harder it is for the Elves. Santa asks, in the interest of his relationship with his workforce and the Elf Union, please please please get in early! The very best time to drop off your contributions is before December 1st and the last drop off date should be December 10. Santa reminds us that each gift has to be sent up North, checked and wrapped and then assigned to a special individual, per the Elves’ very stringent gift match policy; all before they can be ready for delivery.   We think this is Santa’s personal wish for a well organised, less-stress work Season!!!

Among the letters Santa receives each Christmas are offers of help, and how bad must he feel having to turn away offers because they come in too late.   Here are his ideas on this too:

Thinking of Volunteering this Festive Season?

  • First, think about what you would like to do … donation collections, gift wrapping, community party preparations and meal services.   Or don’t you care:   you’ll be happy to even serve other Elves tea or coffee, cookies or candy, or to pick up trash from the wrapping room floor?
  • Second, is there a particular community group that you’d like help with tasks on behalf of Santa … a child-centred organisation, a family based or religious group, those that work with the elderly, or something to do with animal care. Or don’t you mind who you help?
  • Is it just you, or you and your family? Or maybe several from your company or a social group circle? Do you have set times and days only or are you able to be available when the community group needs your help?
  • Lastly, get in early !!! Make your enquiry calls and book your place now !!!   Just like the North Pole, community groups are already finalising their festive season plans and assigning volunteer work and duties. They will be able to help you help them if you are flexible and willing to commit now.

May this information help ensure you are etched on Santa’s nice list !   If you would like to ask Santa any other related Christmas Cheer question, Helen Crouch at North Ryde Community Aid on 9888 3380 or would be happy to get an answer from Santa on your behalf!


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